With the understanding of the pride and camaraderie that comes with being a member of a brotherhood or sisterhood, our mission is to insure that Greeks, both big and small, have a proud, bold, and expressive way to showcase the love they have for their Greek Sorority/Fraternity.

We design with our customers in mind through our high quality merchandise combined with never before seen or creative one-of-a-kind designs, along with a beautiful balance of colors that caters to each and every Greek.
— The Custom Fitz Team

In Dedication to Verda Louise Cooper Stokes

A dedication to Ms. Verda Stokes, who battled with the devastating effects of Parkinson’s Disease and unfortunately succumbed to it on April 17th of 2019. We celebrate her life through good business practices while providing excellent service and quality products.

About Custom Fitz Greek

Custom Fitz Greek is a family owned and operated business founded in 2019 in the heart of Lakeland, Florida by a mother and two daughters. Family is everything here at Custom Fitz Greek. Once you become a customer you become family. We believe in the saying “Support The Supporters”, meaning part of our philosophy is to value the feedback our customers provide, thus insuring that we are offering the best in-demand products made of premium, high quality materials with beautiful ,creative designs that would make any member of any Greek excited to proudly showcase their love and support for their Sorority, Fraternity or organization.

Custom Fitz Greek is your one-stop shop for all the Greek paraphernalia you need in order to show pride in your organization! We offer an extensive selection of Greek Fraternity and Sorority paraphernalia, along with Masonic merchandise. Our design team takes pride in creating never before seen designs and hard to find items. We aim to please Fraternity and Sorority members like you with made-to-order Greek paraphernalia and top-notch, high-quality Greek merchandise that is sure to make you stand out. We look forward to serving our new and returning Greek family!

Our Reason Why

It all started with a natural love for art, fashion, and all things artistic or expressive. The matriarch of our family, Verda Louise Cooper Stokes, taught the importance of not only independence and entrepreneurship, but also family. She not only had a love for fashion but was actually a model for Ford Magazine in her younger years. She had three children, with her second daughter becoming a business owner, running a successful business for over 16+ years. After her, her two daughters would then also show interest in fashion along with a love for art, with one going on to obtain degrees in both Fashion Design and Graphic Design, and the other pursing a passion for art and photography while pursuing her college degree. Later these skills would begin the launch pad for Custom Fitz Greek, which has been founded by these three members of the family, continuing the lessons learned with pride in honor of their mother and grandmother.